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Single Speed / Fixie Bikes

Single Speed bikes are generally cheaper, lighter, and mechanically simpler than their multi-geared cousins. With no derailleurs or other gearing systems to maintain, they are great for city commuting or leisure riding in all weather. There are three types available - (1) a single speed freewheel threaded onto the rear wheel hub, which allows the rider to coast when not pedalling. (2) a fixed gear, or ‘fixie’ has a single cog threaded on the rear hub, so when the wheel is moving, the pedals are moving too. With this setup the rider can even ride backwards! (3) a ‘flip-flop’ hub allows you to swap the wheel around, between fixed or freewheel riding. 
A few bikes now feature internal hub gears, that give the appearance of a single speed bike, yet offer multiple gears built into the rear wheel hub. If classy, straightforward cycling is your thing, then a Single Speed is for you.